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Portable Toilet History


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Portable toilets of one form or another have been around for decades. The exteriors of early ones, commonly called outhouses, were made out of wood. Some sort of container was used to hold the waste. True outhouses were not truly portable and commonly were constructed over a large, deep hole in the ground. Then along came corrugated metal and it was used to replace the roofing and walls. Although an improvement they were still not genuinely portable nor sanitary. It wasn't until the 1940's that it developed into an industry as entrepreneurs realized the need.

As wooden and corrugated metal facilities fell into disfavor companies began to use fiberglass. Although an improvement it was found that fiberglass tended to retain odors and was also more brittle, meaning breakable, in nature. Fortunately along came polyurethane plastic, now the material of choice as it was lightweight, durable and with smooth surfaces, reasonably easy to clean. Being lightweight, the modern plastic portable toilet can be loaded/unloaded by a single individual. Simple improvements such as locking mechanisms that "really lock" and "occupied" signs have contributed to the success of the industry.

Where would Woodstock have been had it not been for the great portable restroom facilities?Portable Toilets and Music Festivals

Estimating Need

According to Wikipedia, "An average portable toilet is able to hold enough sewage for 10 people during the course of a 40 hour work week before the hold reaches unsanitary conditions." When making up your budget you should also consider how much worker time you will save by renting a portable restroom versus relying upon local resources which may result in long walks to make a bathroom trip.

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